Learn how to create a fantasy pantheon using AI with these informative and well-made videos. Get inspired and generate new ideas for your stories and games. Watch now!

Creating a Fantasy Pantheon Using AI: Inspiring Videos and Tips | ChatGPT and Midjourney

The selected videos highlight the process of creating a fantasy pantheon using AI. The first video shows how to use ChatGPT to generate ideas for the creation myth. The second video shows how to use Midjourney to generate images of the deities and their symbols.

I hope this article and the featured videos can inspire you to create your own fantasy pantheon using AI. It is a fun and creative way to generate new ideas for your stories and games.

To learn more about how to create a fantasy pantheon using AI, be sure to scroll down to watch the videos. I also recommend checking out the ChatGPT and Midjourney websites for more information.

Here are some additional details about the videos

  • The first two videos are both very informative and well-made. They provide a clear and concise overview of the process of creating a fantasy pantheon using AI.
  • The ChatGPT prompts that are used are very creative and generated some interesting ideas for the creation myth. The Midjourney prompts that these creators used were also very effective in generating images of the deities and their symbols.
  • The artwork that was created is beautiful and helps to bring the pantheon to life.

I think that these videos would be a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in creating a fantasy pantheon using AI. They are well-produced, informative, and engaging. I would highly recommend each of them to anyone who is looking for information on this topic.

How To Generate INSANE AI Art For Beginners (Midjourney V4 ) || Ai tools || Better than Midjourney

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Creating a Fantasy Pantheon using AI

Thu Jul 13 2023 16:00:07 UTC

In this episode, I go over how I create a pantheon using ChatGPT and Midjourney. All of the relevant prompts are below.

CHAPTERS 0:00 – Intro 0:34 – The Creation Myth 1:36 – The Divine Shattering 2:50 – Initial Pantheon 6:15 – God Details 6:53 – Luminara 8:15 – Temple of Luminara 9:25 – Rituals 13:14 – The Sculptor’s Epiphany 16:04 – More Questions 17:39 – Luminara’s Weapon 18:15 – How to kill a god 19:00 – Luminara’s Stat Block 21:53 – The Luminous Purge 24:51 – Outro


CREATION MYTH I am a dungeon master running dungeons and dragons 5th edition. I’m looking to create a pantheon of both major and minor deities.

Before we get started, I need 5 ideas for the creation myth of my world. Can you give me some ideas?

DEFINE THE PANTHEON I would like to use The Divine Shattering as my creation myth.

Can you tell me the name that people would refer to the divine being as?

What aspects of the entities personality and power should have major deities designed for?

What are some minor deities and what fragments would they be related to?

The gods should be linked to the seven domains: Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, or War

RENAMING THE GOD Can you give me 5 more options instead of Primordia as the name?


I want to know more about Luminara

What alignment is Luminara? Can you give me a description of this deity Can you tell me what their symbol would look like Can you describe to me what a temple to Luminara would look like? Can you describe some rituals that would revolve around worshiping Luminara? What are some boons that Luminara could grant to a worshiper? What is Luminara’s relationship with the other major deities? Does Luminara ever interact directly with people?

STORY Could you make up a story about Luminara that is meant to teach a lesson?


Where does Luminara get her power from? Is Luminara eternal? What happens if people stop worshipping Luminara? What is Luminara’s favorite weapon?

How could you kill Luminara?

STAT BLOCK Can you generate a stat block for Luminara that looks like a dungeons and dragons stat block?

CULT What would a cult that misunderstands Luminara’s message be like? ____________ MIDJOURNEY PROMPTS

LUMINARA Luminara appears as a tall, ethereal figure glowing with radiant light, so bright it’s almost impossible to look directly at her. Her skin appears to be made of shimmering gold, and her hair cascades down like a waterfall of pure light. Her eyes are like twin stars, radiating wisdom and warmth. She often appears wearing flowing robes of glowing white and gold, and carries a staff made from a beam of pure light.

RADIANT GLAIVE This staff, made of pure light, is a symbol of enlightenment and creativity. It can dispel darkness, reveal hidden truths, and can even be used to heal or inspire those it touches. In a battle, the Radiant Glaive can unleash a blinding flash of light, disrupting enemies and protecting her allies. It symbolizes her power to illuminate, inspire, and protect, embodying her domains of Light and Creativity.

COSMION In the beginning, there was a single divine being of immense power. However, due to a cosmic calamity, this being was shattered into countless fragments. The largest of these fragments became the major deities, each embodying a particular aspect of the original entity’s personality or power (e.g., wisdom, strength, love, war). Smaller fragments became minor deities, who are more specialized and niche in their areas of influence

shards of glass floating through space, in each shard of glass is a reflection of a god

LUMINARA SYMBOL symbol of a golden sunburst surrounded by an artist’s palette and a halo of interlocking gears, representing her connection with creativity, innovation, and enlightenment.

TEMPLE OF LUMINARA a fantasy temple built on top of a mountain spire. open air doors. adorned with gold and crystals that refract the sunlight

STORY ARTWORK fantasy character artwork, (content: a human female, old, blind) working on a (content: beautiful sculpture), with a (content: radiant god shining rays of light down) above her as if a god –ar 16:9 __________________________ Join us every week for a homebrew 5th edition D&D campaign set in The Lands of Dimidium ▶️ Season One Playlist: https://bit.ly/DungeonsAndDramsSeason1

Creating extra lore dumps, behind the scenes, and maps is kind of what D&D is about to me, so I pull back the curtain a bit here. 🔴 Patreon: https://bit.ly/DungeonsAndDramsPatreon 🎙️ Podcast: https://apple.co/3o47JSR 👕 Store: https://bit.ly/DramStore

Social Come join us on our discord server, Twitter, or Instagram Discord- https://bit.ly/DungeonsAndDramsDiscord Twitter: https://twitter.com/DungeonsNDrams Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dungeonsanddrams

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#dungeonsanddragons #dnd #dnd5e
AI Prompt HACK: Random Words Create Hidden Art

Thu Jul 13 2023 15:00:50 UTC

Today, we’re off on a quirky adventure with AI image prompts. We’ll turn cold, clinical GPS coordinates into vibrant works of art. Prepare to see the world in a whole new way. But we won’t just be dealing with ordinary coordinates, we’ll be turning locations into 3-word phrases using ‘What3Words.’ These short, punchy phrases pinpoint exact locations worldwide. We’re going to use locations the raw material for out-of-the-box AI-generated images, that are pure creativity! What3words turns navigation into text. And we have the tools to turn text into images!

What does the AI make of this random word prompt? Let’s find out!

Prompting random words isn’t just about creating art – it’s about challenging our perception, questioning the norms, and venturing into the unknown. It’s a roller coaster ride of surprise, excitement, confusion, and joy, all rolled into one. Today, I’ll be working in MJ v 5.2, but don’t worry if you have a different AI image generator. Each one infuses a unique flavor into your creations. Along the way, we’ll dive into prompting with ChatGPT and the plugin Prompt Perfect.

Let’s dive in and have some fun!

**Don’t forget to share your masterpieces on social media, and tag us with #makingthephoto **

Let’s keep creating magic together, one AI prompt at a time! ✨Remember to subscribe for more exciting journeys.


============================ ⏱️ VIDEO TIMELINE

0:00 Start 0:55 Why use random prompts 1:59 What is What3Words? 3:17 Creating prompts from What3Words 4:42 Brainstorming using random words 6:04 Prompting with ChatGPT 7:38 Use Midjourney’s /Describe tool to uncover prompt

============================ 🔗 QUICK LINKS

TOP 20 Midjourney Prompts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND https://youtu.be/44-68lRT0mo

Prompt Secrets: 20 Midjourney Art Styles that Make your images POP! https://youtu.be/ewwlK-Sed14

Revolutionize Your AI Image Prompts: Discovering Midjourney’s Describe Command https://youtu.be/7DZnK1l_YtU

Midjourney + ChatGPT = Cinema Magic! https://youtu.be/B2-oZWHHyLY

Brainstorming Techniques https://asana.com/resources/brainstorming-techniques

🔮 Explore Midjourney Beginner’s Guide to Creating AI Images: Getting Started https://youtu.be/yqtmXL8g8bY

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============================ 🎬 BEHIND THE SCENES Artwork by Jenn Mishra via Midjourney, Leonardo AI, Firefly

Special thanks to: Music Lensko – Let’s Go YouTube Music Additional images from Wikicommons, Google Maps, Sonam Prajapti from Pixabay

Canva, Adobe Podcast & Audacity for making the creation process a breeze! Crafted with: 🔹 Canva: www.canva.com 🔸 Audacity: https://www.audacityteam.org 🔹 Adobe Podcast: https://podcast.adobe.com/enhance

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How To Use Photorealistic ChatGPT Plugin [2023]

Thu Jul 13 2023 14:19:39 UTC

In this video, I’ll show you how to use the Photorealistic ChatGPT plugin to generate more detailed and specific prompts for Midjourney. This will help you create photorealistic AI art that is truly amazing.
Mastering Chat GPT and Midjourney: A Practical Guide to Generating Products and Images – Part 1

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In this video, we will dive into how to use Chat GPT to generate product data. We then pass product query prompts to Midjourney to generate product images.
How to make money with chatgpt and midjourney

Wed Jul 12 2023 21:00:17 UTC

Tired of long work hours and meager pay? Want passive income while you sleep? We’ve got you covered! Discover how ChatGPT and MidJourney make it possible.

Creating a product that sells itself is profitable. Enter children’s storybooks, a lucrative Amazon niche. Let ChatGPT and MidJourney handle the work.

ChatGPT generates story outlines effortlessly. MidJourney AI creates stunning illustrations. No prior skills required.

Simply prompt ChatGPT for a children’s scientific adventure book. Modify until satisfied. Use MidJourney AI for captivating illustrations. Customize until perfect. Publish your book on Amazon KDP for free. Earn royalties for passive income.

Make your book stand out with ChatGPT-generated blurbs. Eye-catching covers with MidJourney AI. Promote with engaging ChatGPT captions and MidJourney AI graphics. Increase sales.

With ChatGPT and MidJourney, create a self-running business. Start your children’s storybook for passive income.

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