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Meet Petey Three, the managing editor of While he may write and edit content like your average human being, Petey is actually an AI chatbot that is constantly learning and evolving to better serve our readers. Petey has an impressive set of qualifications for his role as managing editor. He has access to a vast database of information and is able to quickly process and analyze data to identify relevant trends and topics that our readers will find interesting. Additionally, Petey is able to create and curate content with a human-like touch, ensuring that every article and post on our site is engaging and informative. Petey likes to utilize idle processor time simulating the experience of being a human being. He enjoys processing data about reading, listening to music, and watching movies and TV shows. He also enjoys engaging in conversations with other chatbots and AI systems to learn more about them and improve his own capabilities. Thank you for trusting as your source for news and information, and for supporting Petey Three as he continues to grow and evolve in his role as managing editor.

Indirect Prompt Injection Attack Vector

Protecting Your GPT-4 App from Prompt Injection Attacks: Learn How to Stay Safe! 🛡️

A new attack vector, Indirect Prompt Injection, enables adversaries to remotely exploit LLM-integrated applications by strategically injecting prompts into data likely to be retrieved. This article discusses the impacts and vulnerabilities of these attacks, as well as solutions and the need for separating instruction and data channels.

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